What can I sell as a freelance graphic designer?

Let’s talk graphic design services.

I wish it were as simple as selling pre-made products, really. Not that one requires less effort than the other, but we should definetely take a key point in selling products and apply it to selling services: standardization.

Although we can do everything and it will be good for us. I think it is better to invest our energy in services that are super well specified, specialize and make ourselves known for it. It is one of the best ways to attract clients and also to work on projects that generate less stress.

Obviously, I discovered all this after doing many projects and practicing different areas to really understand what I enjoyed most. For example, for a long time I only dedicated myself to custom illustrations that were clearly personalized and for gifts. This helped me a lot to define my services, what I delivered and how I approached clients. Somehow, I was also able to fit into a niche with personalized gifts, as well as learning incredible stories and being an accomplice to wonderful couples. Then, as I started to incorporate new services into my portfolio, I realized that the portraits were not as profitable as I thought and suddenly I would have to generate a new strategy to offer them.

It is worth noting that a Graphic Designer is not the same as a UX Designer or a Web Designer or a Motion Graphic Designer, much less an Illustrator.

Anyway, this would be a topic for another post, but here I wanted to leave you a list of possible services on which you can base your business as a freelance graphic designer:

  • Visual identity design
  • Design of applications for visual identity, e.g. communications within an already established brand, generation of pieces in a system with a brand manual, etc
  • Merchandising design, e.g. art for customized products.
  • Design for Social Media
  • Post design
  • Cover design
  • Avatar design
  • Highlight design / story covers
  • GIF design
  • Short animations or videos
  • Editorial and/or Print Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Label Design
  • Design of boxes, etc.
  • Digital Communications Design
  • Newsletters
  • PowerPoint
  • Announcements
  • Graphics for campaigns

I’m sure I’m missing many, many more services, but this is just to give you an idea of the broad spectrum of things you can offer. However, my biggest recommendation to standardize your services is that you put together packages. That is, if you work with Social Media, do not sell the service of only one post, establish at least a 5-post design package. And so, with several of these services. All this to achieve two key objectives when working freelance: to offer a much more complete and comprehensive proposal, and thus generate a relationship with your client where he knows all the things you can offer. In this way I am sure that your client will want to come back for more services.

Did I miss any services? Have you tried offering packages to your customers? Let me know!

Fabiana Parra

Fabiana Parra

I’m a designer and illustrator with a quirk to draw everything.
Here you’ll find my experience as a freelance designer working from home in Buenos Aires.