Extra ways to monetize your work

Did you know that there are ways to earn money from your work, without working directly with clients?

Monetizing what you do in the form of content for your followers or people who are interested in your services has become a very profitable way to earn a passive income while working on other things!

From this premise, a lot of ways to monetize your work through online platforms have emerged. In this post, I bring you alternatives to consider for extra income.

Sell stock content/images

This applies to designers, illustrators and even photographers. You can generate income by generating ready-to-use designs on sites like

Offer exclusive content by subscription

There is also the option of offering exclusive content as a reward or incentive for a subscription/donation on a monthly or annual basis. These can be physical incentives such as prints or merchandise, or digital incentives such as base files, tutorials, videos, playlists, etc.

  • Patreon is a subscription platform for artists, writers or anyone who generates content. You can create different types of plans with different prizes or rewards for the people who support you. You can also set goals by reaching X amount of followers to encourage your community and give meaning to the money you are receiving (e.g. buy better video recording equipment).
  • Youtube, yes! You can subscribe to a channel, but you can also “join” for paid and more exclusive content.
  • Ko-fi is a platform that allows you to donate a “coffee” (the equivalent of 5 USD) to a person using PayPal. I know many artists who use it and offer downloadable content as a way to thank their supporters. Will you buy me a coffee? ;D So I can keep writing content in this blog accompanied by a hot drink.
  • Kickstarter is one of the most used crowfunding platforms for medium and large scale projects.
  • Cafecito is the Argentinean version of Ko-fi and is very good for anyone with a project looking for an easy way to get resources. It is linked to Mercadopago and is quite simple to use.

It’s never too late to start managing an extra income on freelance work, and who knows, it may suddenly become a solid form of income while you work.

Hope this was helpfulf for you!

Fabiana Parra

Fabiana Parra

I’m a designer and illustrator with a quirk to draw everything.
Here you’ll find my experience as a freelance designer working from home in Buenos Aires.